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Indian Railway is a very famous worldwide for its efficient and reliable services. Most of Passenger’s daily transports in Indian railway. Indian railway has 17 Zones over a route of 65,808 km with 8000-8500 approx. station. Trains are a lifeline of India, which connecting many cities, states, and regions through the railway tracks.


  • Rajdhani Express: Rajdhani Express train is an air-conditioned railway which connecting the capitals of the Indian states with New Delhi. Delhi being the capital of India enjoys and comfortable the most tourist arrivals. Not just foreigners, but domestic travelers from the north also consider Delhi as the desired point to board the trains.
  • Shatabdi Express: Shatabdi Express train is a luxury train and Shatabdi means centenary in Sanskrit and the Shatabdi Express train is the namesake for the same. It was launched in 1988.
  • Duronto Express: Duronto Express train is a point to point rail services connecting metros and major capitals of the Indian states since 2009. Duronto Express trains provide first AC, two-tier AC and three-tier AC accommodation to the passengers.
  • Jan Shatabdi Express: The Jan Shatabdi Express train is meant for the common people as a more affordable version of the Shatabdi Express. It has both AC and Non AC accommodation. These are the so high-speed trains covering the distance in the most economical way.
  • Passenger train: Passenger trains are very slow trains that stop at most of the railway station coming on the route of the journey. Generally, these trains have unreserved seating and night train have sleeper and 3-tier AC compartment.
  • GaribRath:-The GaribRath is a suitable air-conditioned train aiming to provide economical travel experience to the passengers since 2003. The train has two-thirds of the air-conditioned class fares in other trains and also the coach has more seats and berths in the AC coaches than other trains of India.

Accommodation Classes in Indian Railways

Code Class Name
1A AC First Class
2A AC 2 – Tier
3 A AC 3 – Tier
FC First Class
CC Ac Chair Car
SL Sleeper Class
2S Second Sitting
  • Private Car:-Almost every traveler prefer traveling by car, If you visit India, we’ll make your journey really memorable by Private car. It is the safest way to travel in India and also Private Car with private driver make the journey more comfortable and easy
  • Explore Tuk – Tuk Ride: Auto-Rickshaws are one of the best ways to get around, also is called Tuk-Tuk Ride. While practically every traveler would like to ride the Tuk-Tuk Ride who comes to India.
  • Delhi Metro:-Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) was established in March 1995 in Delhi by the government of India and a total number of station 156 and daily 30 Lac Approx. passenger traveling and a Total number of train 216. DMRC train operated from 6 Am. To 11:30 Pm.
  • Bicycle Rickshaw: The bicycle Rickshaw widely used in many cities in India for short distance travel.In cities like Delhi, where the rush does not facilitate traveling by motorized vehicles in places like ChandniChowk, and old Delhi road people, especially the tourists have to resort to Bicycle Rickshaw as a final resort.
  • Air Transport: Airport transport is the quickest means of transport and by far, the most of expensive. Due to which can’t be connected by land or water transport. Like the north-East states of India, can be connected by air Transport. In times of emergency, air transport becomes a lifeline to support the people, almost all states capitals are connected by air transport in India.  India has about 126 airports, principally managed by the (AAI) Airport Authority of India.